3ROX offers a variety of network-related services for your instituion, including:


Network services:  The primary focus of 3ROX is providing reliable, high capacity, cost-effective network access to universities, K-12 schools, government, community resources (libraries, museums) and commercial entities in western Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia.

Security as a Service (SecAAS): Establish or augment your security program by joining the 3ROX SecAAS program.

Colocation: 3ROX operates three Points of Presence (PoPs) where researchers and others can colocate equipment and connect to regional or wide area networks.  

Domain name registration:  Apply for, modify, or remove a domain name using the top-level domain  .us through 3ROX.

Performance tuning: Take advantage of 3ROX expertise to diagnose issues and maximize network performance.

Network monitoring: Rely on 3ROX to monitor network behavior so that problems can be  identified and  resolved quickly.


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