3ROX's Security as a Service (SecAAS) provides members a powerful resource to start or augment their security program. 3ROX's SecAAS service comprises several components which may be subscribed to individually or as a whole.

The first component of the 3ROX SecAAS offering is vulnerability scanning. 3ROX uses an open source software suite to detect vulnerable software versions or configurations and system weaknesses in networks or communications equipment. Regular scans are performed and sent to the SecAAS member with advice given on serious issues.

In addition, SecAAS members' networks are enrolled in various Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) and malicious activity monitoring services. If a member's network is reported, the details are sent to the campus security contact with recommendations for remediation.

The last component of the SecAAS service is an Intrusion Detection Service. Reports are regularly generated, shared, and discussed with the SecAAS member.


Contact 3ROX to find out more about the SecAAS program or to enroll.

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