3ROX Resources for K12 Community

For more than 25 years, 3ROX has been providing the K12 community with stable, robust and cost-effective connections to research and education networks.  Because we pool the networking requirements of many groups, we can supply network access that is more stable and less expensive than individual organizations can obtain on their own.

3ROX offers many other services in addition to network connectivity, including performance tuning and network monitoring.  See the network services page for everything that 3ROX can deliver to your organization.

By leveraging existing activities there are no additional 3ROX fees associated with these services.  3ROX engineers are available to facilitate technical connectivity to the programs as well as provide a liaison with the program coordinators.

Internet2 Access through U.S. UCAN

3ROX members in good standing qualify for Pennsylvania Sponsored U.S. Unified Community Anchor Network (U.S. UCAN) access. The U.S. UCAN progam allows K20 institutions in Pennsylvania to connect to and use Internet2  and all its services. 

Outreach Programs and Services

3ROX provides access to a wide range of outreach and training activities. This list provides an overview of available resources. It is not meant to be comprehensive.

Internet2 K20 Initiative – provides a comprehensive listing and clearinghouse of K20 programs available nationwide.

Internet2 Video Exchange - provides IP-based collaboration technologies like H.323 videoconferencing and telepresence services, allowing members to schedule and hold distributed meetings, no matter where participants may be located. Organizations must register in order to utilize the videoconferences infrastructure and pay a fee to Internet2 based on the services utilized.

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center  - offers several programs incorporating computational tools, bioinformatics, computational biology and innovative science tutorials into the curriculum.

SAFE-Net - focuses on raising the awareness of students, parents, and educators about cyber threats, measures of protection, and cyber ethics.  The SAFE-Net website provides materials to teach  teachers, parents  and students about cyber security issues.

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