Three Rivers Optical Exchange

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3ROX Resources for K12 Community

3ROX Resources for the K12 Community

As a service to its participants as well as to the K12 communities in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, 3ROX provides access to a wide range of Outreach and Training Activities.  These activities range from access to the national research and education networks for directly connected K12 organizations to access to educational programs and services associated with 3ROX participants.  In addition, 3ROX, along with Drexel and MAGPI, participate in the Pennsylvania SEGP. The purpose of the SEGP is to allow K20 institutions in Pennsylvania to connect to and utilize the Internet2 network and services.  The only requirement for a SEGP qualified institution in Pennsylvania is for it to be a participant in good standing with one of the PA based Internet2 connectors.

By leveraging existing activities there are no additional 3ROX fees associated with these services.  3ROX engineers are available to facilitate technical connectivity to the programs as well as provide a liaison with the program coordinators.

Below a listing of current programs and is not meant to be comprehensive, but provide an overview of available programs.


National Outreach Programs and Services

Internet2 K20 Program – provides a comprehensive listing and clearinghouse of K20 programs available nationwide.

Internet2 Commons - provides IP-based collaboration technologies like H.323 videoconferencing and telepresence services, allowing members to schedule and hold distributed meetings, no matter where participants may be located. Organizations much register in order to utilize the videoconferences infrastructure and pay a fee to Internet2 based on the services utilized.

NLR Cisco TelePresence - NLR's TelePresence Exchange is able to arrange TelePresence sessions between any TelePresence systems on the NLR network or on one of the many domestic U.S. and international networks with which NLR has a peering relationship.

PSC and Other Regional Resources



The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC) and Fibertech Networks celebrated the opening of a PSC Point of Presence (PoP) in Fibertech's new collocation facility in Pittsburgh's Allegheny Center Mall on April 29th.