PSC's 3ROX Receives $1.5M Network Infrastructure Award

PITTSBURGH, PA., September 9, 2010 — The Three Rivers Optical Exchange (3ROX), the advanced network research group at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, has received a $1,535,000 Academic Research Infrastructure (ARI) award from the National Science Foundation (NSF). Effective September 1 and extending for four years, the award supports a major upgrade of the southwest Pennsylvania region’s research and education network environment, which 3ROX maintains and manages.

SAFE-Net Workshop Reaches Across Pennsylvania

SAFE-Net, a program of the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, funded by the National Science Foundation, has reached across Pennsylvania to raise awareness about safe practices in use of the Internet.

PITTSBURGH, PA., February 15, 2010 — SAFE-Net, a cyber-security awareness program of the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC), recently connected a Carnegie Mellon University cyber-security expert with 75 educators at six school districts in eastern Pennsylvania via videoconferencing. Titled “The Educator’s Role in Safe Computing,” the three-hour interactive collaboration between PSC and the University of Pennsylvania’s MAGPI Internet2 regional connector, highlighted how K-12 educators can raise awareness about cyber security and safety in the schools.

PennREN Coalition seeks funding for statewide broadband

3ROX in the News, September 9, 2009 — The Pennsylvania Research and Education Network (PennREN) says it is seeking the American Recovery and Revitalization Act money for a project to serve about 5 million individuals and 200,000 businesses currently without high-speed Internet access.

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